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SISTERS, 2020. Edward Povey. Oil ON CANVAS, 40.6 X 40.6 cm / 16 X 16 ins. private collection.

"With every little ball of paper that I throw on the ground, a galaxy has been built"

I came across this phrase one day in a Fashion Magazine. It is a fragment of a letter that a girl wrote to her best friends. I don't know what message she wanted to convey to them, what I do know is the one it brought to me. With every reflection, every feeling inspired by something as beautiful as Edward's paintings, I am creating my little galaxy. What we feel is already ours.

I am going to share with you some of these emotions. And I'm going to start with one of my favourite paintings, "Sisters."

You look at me. I can't avoid tilt my head too. We do not feel euphoria, sadness or agony. We look at each other in silence, we are calm. You came later to give me the password. When seeing us, no one would suspect that we are about to kneel before the abyss and let ourselves be carried away. We've already done it; we just have to remember it. You have opened the channel of small daily miracles, of repressed tears, of encrypted messages. You have brought colour back to our lives. Sister, together we are unlimited. Thank you for giving me your guidance. Mother, without you this world is no longer real.

About small miracles, mine came almost instantly, because Edward accompanied his painting with this beautiful text to complete my little ball of paper and my galaxy.

“Today the sun was uncertain and Biblical, with men crouching around the outer wall talking in rumbles. I would claim to live elsewhere and again find my passport and pack, inventing stories in the limousine and assuming false names; and once again my so-called friends would understand. You see, some people are evicted from safe normality quite early, and for them, all this glory is mere endurance”.

Edward Povey

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